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Product Description

Blend with water at a rate of between 100 to 1 (10ml to 1 litre water) and 200 to 1 depending on requirements. One Litre concentrate equates to approx 100-200 litres of spray. Between 1 1/2 – 2 litres of concentrated spray to 1 hectare is recommended.

Suitable for: Gardens and Lawns incl. Fruit Fly

  •   Use on all crops, trees, plants, flowers, fruit & vegies
  •   Spray to cover all parts of the plant
  •   Can be used by Organic Farmers & Commercial Growers
  •   Provides great nutrition to soil
  •   Leaves NO residues in the soil and is 100%biodegradable
  •   Broad spectrum insecticide/fungicide/miticide
  •   Controls insects and mites including whitefly, aphid and scale
  •   Controls fungal diseases including black spot, rust, mildew and scab
  •   It may be applied on its own or in conjunction with other liquid fertilisers to improve growth of crops as a fertiliser and plant food.
  •   Control of Fruit Fly including QLD Fruit Fly

Cats, Dogs & Farm Animals

  •   Ideal for: Fleas, Ticks, Summer Itch, Repelling flies, march flies, sandflies, mosquitoes, midges – Spray daily on your pet
  •   For washing and cleaning of pets living areas, stables, dog kennels
  •   NEEM is a natural product which is great for your pet’s coat
  •   Consists of pure NEEM seed oil which contains essential amino & fatty acids as well as Vitamin E.

Outdoor Living Area and Around the HomeRecommended ratio mix 1:100

  •  Gardens, trees, pot plants, lawns and where the nuisance biting insects  are. Spray  on the ground in areas to protect.
  •  Will repel nuisance flies, mosquitoes, sand flies and eventually cause a disruption to their breeding cycle thus resulting in fewer pesty insects.

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